Berrows Business Centre

Berrows Business Centre is a multiple office and commercial space building with a range of single office units and office suites to rent which vary in square footage size ranging from 150 sq ft to 2,500 sq ft together with other commercial premises.

Berrows Business Centre has the benefit of being a DDA compliant office building and a passenger lift services all floors.  Berrows Business Centre is fully managed by Biddle Properties with all common areas being regularly cleaned and maintained, this includes the management of fire safety and emergency risks and all the other important elements an office or commercial occupier needs to know is being accounted for.  The terms of occupation of our commercial properties are flexible ranging from short term licences to long leases.  Berrows Business Centre has the benefit of on-site car parking.

Biddle Properties has owned Berrows Business Centre for some 30 years and has, with active management, maintained an occupation rate of our commercial space of over 95%!.  This is achieved through professional management by Biddle Properties offering our commercial property customers what they want at a cost which is affordable.

Berrows Business Centre has been and continues to be an attractive location for a wide variety of business occupiers including public sector organisations, charities, and small and medium sized commercial and independent enterprises. 

The management of Berrows Business Centre is “hands on” and any issues are dealt with efficiently and quickly since our aim is to ensure all our commercial property customers are content and satisfied.

The management team of Biddle Properties are always happy to discuss the needs and requirements of existing and potential customers to ensure their aspirations are accounted for.

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