Bluebell Properties Ltd

Bluebell Properties Ltd was incorporated in 1988 and is part of the Biddle Properties “family”.  It is primarily a commercial property investment and development company and owns a wide range of commercial property and residential property assets.

Bluebell Properties Ltd rents out a number of commercial buildings both singularly and also in multi-occupancy form.  Its offer ranges from commercial office space through retail outlets to residential accommodation.

Whilst Bluebell Properties Ltd assets are primarily located in the City of Hereford  they also have assets in other local market towns.  The property assets are actively managed and the company has a fairly narrow supply chain of quality sub-contractors who deliver a timely and efficient service to ensure all our commercial and residential customers are well serviced and delivering the Bluebell Properties Ltd management ethos.

Through Bluebell Properties Ltd’s “hands on” active management philosophy we have been able to secure very high levels (95% plus) of occupation of our various property locations.  Through our diverse and long established client base Bluebell Properties Ltd hope to be able to offer existing and potential customers the commercial and residential accommodation that they require to prosper and our diverse client base demonstrates that we have been able to achieve this successfully over the years.

Bluebell Properties Ltd are committed to helping new start-up businesses who are looking for commercial accommodation to rent and we can provide examples of where our professional expertise and assistance has helped young entrepreneurs realize their ambitions through commercial space offered by us.

We would be pleased to discuss any requirements that you may have for commercial or residential accommodation and please contact us by email using the link or by telephone on 01432 265352.